Wine Department


More than any other drink in the world, wine fascinates, entices and seduces. Coffee and tea have their love and rituals, beer and water quench thirst, whiskey and brandy intoxicate, but none of these attract so many connoisseurs, stimulate such fellowship, or give so much pleasure as wine.

Welcome to the Wine Department at Tipsy’s Liquor World.  We are happy and proud to have a professional wine staff to help navigate you through our vast and incredible selections of wines from around the world.  We pride ourselves on unconditional help and support to all of our customer’s specific wine and food pairing needs.  Above all wine is designed to be enjoyed; preferably with entertaining companions and good food.

The Wine selection at Tipsy’s is vast and ever changing. We are proud to have selections from all of the world, Domestic and Imported.  Be sure to check out our Staff Picks, rare and unique wines hand picked and enjoyed by our wine staff.  Another great place to shop is our 90 point wines.  For those special events and nights make sure to check out our fine wines, full of heavy hitters and unique gems.